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A Greener Alternative is an award-winning specialist in affordable and sustainable heating solutions. We are among the leading heat pump installers in Sussex for air-source and ground-source pumps.
With our comprehensive solution for installations, maintenance and onsite surveys, you can have the most appropriate design and integration of your heating systems to have underfloor heating, central heating and hot water for the entire building. 
heat pumps in Sussex
As accredited professionals certified by MCS, HIES, and REA, as well as a registered business with TrustMark, we offer our clients the best possible quality assurance during their transition to sustainable technology. We welcome your queries, concerns and requests for free, expert advice. Get in touch with us today.

Understanding Green Heating Systems
While traditional heating pumps use main gas boilers powered by fossil fuels, they contribute to greenhouse gases and air pollution. The heating mechanism is a key force behind global warming. It is high time that we explore alternative resources for heating and cooling our indoors that are also safe for the environment. 

A big hope is renewable energy. Not only do they reduce air pollution, but they also reduce grid dependence and electricity bills to a great extent. Green heat pumps typically use some sort of renewable energy. We primarily work with ground-source, air-source, solar and biomass energy. These alterations make a big difference in your sustainability quotient and your carbon footprint. 

Heat pumps work through a heating cycle, much like air conditioner’s cooling cycles. A refrigerant is used. It is a combination of chemicals that circulate through a closed-loop process.  

  • Absorbing & Evaporating: It starts with the refrigerant absorbing the low-pressure gas and evaporating.
  •  Compression: The compressor in the pump creates pressure, causing the low-pressure gas to rise in temperature.
  •  Condense: The high-pressure head is now released from the high-pressure gas and is condensed into a liquid form. This liquid, when passed through the expansion valve, is ready to absorb more heat. 
  •  Expansion: The cycle repeats every time the refrigerant passes through an expansion valve. Thus, you get conditioned heating. 

While there is a global shift towards green technology, there are limited options or alternative heating sources. We at Greener Alternative work with the following types of heat pumps. 

  •  Ground Source Heat Pumps
    The mechanism uses the heat from the ground. Ground loops, that look like pipelines. The loops are bored deep in the earth to extract heat from it. The heat is transferred to a radiator network, insulation boards or water heaters. The number of ground loops is customised according to your utility needs and type of property. 
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
    This system uses the evaporation-compression-refrigeration process to source all the heat from the air. 
  • Integrated Heating Systems
    We recommend integrated systems because they have made more sense for realistic usability in recent years. The country has not fully transitioned to renewable energy. Since all renewable energy is sourced directly from natural elements, it could get unpredictable. The beauty of these mechanisms is that they can combine both ground or air source pumps with conventional systems that are connected to the gas grid. 

Delivering Sustainable Solutions for Rural Heating

With our decades of experience in all aspects of renewable heating, we understand the importance of rural development and how it impacts the future development of urban areas. 

Moreover, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme​ (BUS) for biomass boilers is only available in rural locations without gas-grid connections. Therefore, from installations in domestic and commercial projects to servicing and maintaining appliances, we extend our dedicated support to British domestic and commercial properties in rural areas outside of London and Sussex. 

Get Tailored Solutions for Switching to Green Heat Pumps in Sussex

Established by seasoned heating engineers with over 30 years of combined experience, A Greener Alternative is a highly trusted name for transitioning to ecological heating in Sussex. We offer end-to-end support throughout your transition to renewable energy, with design, setup, and maintenance.


Whether it is for your home, office or industrial premise, the unique requirements for each type of site require a more bespoke and tailored design of heating systems, including choosing the right type of pump, their capacity and their configurations. 


The dexterous personnel to give you a seamless installation of heat pumps in Sussex— will be us. We know user manuals like the back of our hands and ensure the most silent, organised and cost-effective setup with free onsite surveys. 


Before you make a decision, you deserve to have a personalised know-how of equipment, technology, mechanisms and how it all works for your space. We can help you with a one-on-one consultation that is free of charge.  

Boiler Upgrade Scheme 


If you are looking to install new heating pumps in the UK, then you may qualify for the BUS. We can help you plan and apply for the grants and have a seamless process to make it worthwhile for you.

On-Site Surveys

To make sure of the appropriate equipment and system design, our experts will visit your site and give you a preliminary survey. We offer free onsite surveys. So make the most of it and make a conscious decision.

Service, Repair & Maintenance

Just because your heating system is not working properly, it doesn’t mean it is faulty. With our on-demand servicing and maintenance, you can pinpoint the problem and fix it promptly.

Discover the True Potentials of Green Heat Pumps in Sussex – Get in Touch With Us

Doesn’t it feel great that you can contribute to the planet by switching to heat pumps that are powered by renewable energy? But to make the idea truly efficient, you need the right kind of system design and high-quality equipment. Trust the expert at A Greener Alternative —- we are the leading heat pump installers in Sussex, to help find the best solutions cost-effectively. We are offering a host of resources, like a free consultation and free on-site surveys to empower your conscience and give you the know-how you need to make an independent decision.

RHI |A Greener Alternative | Renewable Energy

With the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), you could receive quarterly cash payments over seven years if you install an eligible renewable heating technology.


We hold several accreditations, including: MCS, TrustMark, HETAS, OFTEC, Gas Safe and are members of The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme (HIES).


Installations such as ground source heat pumps can be serviced by us and even if we didn’t install the system, we have the expertise to keep them up to standards.

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Why Choose Us?


We are specialist in the design and installation of solar thermal systems and pride ourselves on a full turn-key solution.

Customer Support

Here at A Greener Alternative, on-going customer support is our number one priority, building trustworthy relationships both during a project and post installation.

Free On-Site Survey

We offer free on-site surveys (with no obligation to pay for future services), so that we can evaluate the building and land in question to see where the best place would be for us to install your heat pump.


Your solar thermal system can be serviced by us even if we didn’t install it, we have the expertise to maintain your solar thermal array standards.

Our Case Studies

 Check out our case studies to see some of the installations we have undertaken, from domestic housing, stately homes and prestigious National Trust sites, to zoos, farms, and industrial units.

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