Biomass Wood Chip Boiler Installations

With the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), you could receive quarterly cash payments over seven years if you install an eligible renewable heating technology.

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A Greener Alternative hold several accreditations, including: MCS, HETAS, OFTEC, Gas SAFE and are members of The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme (HIES).

Even if A Greener Alternative weren’t the original installers of your system, we will still happily provide servicing and maintenance within the South East.

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At A Greener Alternative we have wood chip boilers to suit any property that we survey, however wood chip boilers tend to be best suited for large commercial installations with a high heat load. We are based in Sussex and provide our services around the south-eastern region of the country. We offer great customer service and are always looking for lasting relationships with the people we work with. If you need a high quality and reliable wood chip boiler installation, A Greener Alternative can offer the skills needed for all the steps that are necessary.

Wood chip is a readily available resource, especially in the South-East of England, and with the fully automatic wood chip boilers, they require very little intervention, which can be a massive upside. Wood chip boilers are also up to 92% efficient which can have a huge financial benefit. Renewable heat sources are great for the environment with the fuel being carbon neutral. Booking a wood chip boiler installation would be a benefit both for your pockets and the planet.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals who have installed countless numbers of wood chip boilers throughout the years. We offer great quality installations that will last you, but it is always a good idea to have regular check-ups. We offer a maintenance service to see to this for you. Wood chip boilers efficiency depends on the moisture content of the chip, so sourcing good quality, dry, seasoned chip is crucial in running an efficient boiler.

If you’re thinking about getting a wood chip boiler installed, then you can call us on 01273 455695 to discuss more. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have with the contact form on the side of the page. Our installations are carried out by skilled professionals with trusted manufacturers.


Wood chip boilers can run on a wide range of different fuel specifications and moisture contents. Boiler sizes start at 40kW due to the size of the chip. An installation of that size would be appropriate for a large house. Boiler efficiency is dependent on the moisture content of the chip, therefore sourcing good quality, dry, seasoned chip is crucial in running an efficient boiler. Wood chips are cost effective, especially if you can provide your own wood source. They can be fed automatically from a store of wood chips making it simple to run.