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Historic Sussex House

Fuel savings over 20 years: £280,796
RHI payment over 20 years: £310,710

This historic house requires a significant heat load due to the period and size of the property, therefore the occupants were spending vast amounts on heating with oil. The owners wanted to switch to biomass to reduce their effect on the environment and cut their fuel bills. A pellet boiler was selected due to its automated capability and the owner wanted a direct replacement for an oil boiler.

Two 40 kW Froling P4 pellet boilers were selected to run as a modular system. There are two buffer tanks containing 1000L each. The pellet store is a 14 tonne custom built W trough. The pellets are fed into the day hopper via suction tubes and 3 pellet moles.

The boiler house supplies a small district system including the main house via an underground pipe and a separate cottage. The boiler house and pellet store are located in a small barn/ outbuilding.

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