New Build, East Sussex

This eco property in East Sussex called in A Greener Alternative to design and install a ground source heat pump system to work with vertical boreholes. The boreholes were sited in the front driveway of the property during the build to minimise disruption and keep them well concealed. As you can see the 8kW NIBE heat pump is well situated in a utility room under the stairway with the hot water cylinder and buffer tank beside it, making good use of the space available.

Retrofit, Surrey

This semi-detached property in Surrey used it’s existing oil-fired heating system to run a network of radiators throughout the house. The property owners wanted to move away from oil and A Greener Alternative designed and installed a ground source heat pump system to replace the existing set-up. Working in conjunction with two 120 metre vertical boreholes well concealed in the front lawn/driveway, the property now utilises the ground source system for all its heating and hot water requirements. The 12kW NIBE ground source heat pump can be seen here installed conveniently in the back end of the garage alongside a 300 litre hot water cylinder and 200 litre buffer tank.