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Our Servicing and Maintenance Services

Even if A Greener Alternative weren’t the original installers of your system, we will still happily provide servicing and maintenance. 

Servicing your heating system annually is essential from a safety point of view and in order to ensure you get the best performance and highest efficiency from your appliance. Annual servicing goes a long way to maintaining the lifespan of your heating appliance and will even help to extend it.


Heat Pumps

We offer an outstanding heat pump maintenance and repair service to make sure that your heat pumps are working as they are supposed to. We can offer heat pump services all across the South East, for both air source and ground source models.


We have a team of professionals highly trained in biomass boiler repair. If you spot anything unusual or wrong with the way your biomass boiler is running, then you can always call us for a biomass boiler maintenance check-up.

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Stoves With Back Boilers

Here at A Greener Alternative, we offer servicing on stoves with back boilers with various different issues. Making sure that the stove and back boiler are both in peak condition is the key to ensuring that they run well throughout the year. 

Solar Thermal

A Greener Alternative is one of South-East England’s premiere heating system maintenance providers. Whatever the issue, our team of engineers are on hand to help you to resolve your solar thermal heating problems.

solar water heater closeup , sunlight on blue vacuum tubes
9 - Gas, Oil & Electric

Gas & Oil Heating

We have the skills and expertise required to carry out gas, oil, or electric boiler servicing, ensuring the smooth running of your boiler. Find out more about our gas and oil boiler servicing today.

Why Choose Us?


We are specialists in integrated heating systems and install an array of systems including biomass heating, solar thermal, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and more. 

Customer Support

Here at A Greener Alternative, on-going customer support is our number one priority, building trustworthy relationships both during a project and post installation.

Free On-Site Survey

We offer free on-site surveys (with no obligation to pay for future services), so that we can evaluate the building and land in question to see where the best place would be for us to install your heat pump.


Installations such as biomass and solar thermal systems can be serviced by us and even if we didn’t install the system, we have the expertise to keep them up to standards.

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