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National Trust

Fuel Saving over 7 years: £14,083
RHI Payment over 7 years: £26,175

This national trust property wanted to make use of various forms of sustainable energy. The Property had a south facing pitched roof and was set in densely populated woodland. Therefore it was decided that a combination of thermal solar, log boiler and log stove would be used to harness the carbon neutral assets surrounding the home and produce the heating and hot water for this unique ecological home.

A Greener Alternative worked with the national trust to create a bespoke system which would be perfectly balanced for the needs of this unique building. The use of multiple ecological technologies demonstrates the skills required to create a fully sustainable and efficient system.

The boiler is a 28kW froling log boiler and was housed in the utility section of the house with buffer tank. The solar thermal are a combination of flat plates and tubes. The log burning stove is not connected to the hot water system and provides room heat only.

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