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Buxted Home

RHI payment over 7 years: £20,566.00
Fuel saving over 7 years: £7,472.00

This rural 4 bedroom home is a typical example of a domestic installation of a pellet fuel boiler system. The pellet fuel acts as a direct replacement to oil and behaves in the same way, with fillings simply completed by the roadside through a blown delivery. The property owners, although living rurally, do not have a lifestyle suited to using log or chip so pellet is an ideal option. The heat load of this property is typical for a property of this size and period.

A Greener Alternative fitted a 22kw KWB Easyfire pellet boiler to provide hot water and heating to the main building. As you can see from the photos, the thermal store, pellet store and boiler are all located in different sites, which is a good solution to this particular heating system, but not entirely typical.

The boiler is housed in an outbuilding, 10 metres away from the property. The pellet store is a 3.5 tonne stand alone, which is hidden away behind the outbuilding. The thermal store is located in an outside cupboard attached to the property.

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