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Servicing your heating system annually is essential from a safety point of view and in order to ensure you get the best performance and highest efficiency from your appliance. Annual servicing goes a long way to maintaining the lifespan of your heating appliance and will even help to extend it.

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Pay Monthly And Let Us Take Care Of The Rest.

divide the cost of your service into 12 monthly payments.

A Greener Alternative want to make your service experience as straightforward as possible and therefore offer you the option of dividing the cost of your service into 12 monthly payments. This way you never have to worry about your service due date again – we will simply call you a few weeks before it’s due and book in a convenient time. Click here to arrange your monthly service agreement or call us on 01273 455 695 to find out more.

If that’s not for you don’t worry, you can pay for your service with a one off annual payment. We will still be in touch when the service due date is nearing to book in a convenient time.

If you have a concern regarding your system or need one of our engineers to assist with an ongoing issue get in touch with us now 01273 455 695.

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