Hindhead Home

KWB Easyfire domestic biomass install in Hindhead, Surrey

This install took place at a detached family home in Hindhead, Surrey where the property owners were looking to move away from their existing oil fueled heating system and expressed an interest in biomass as an alternative.

A Greener Alternative specified a 35kW KWB Easyfire pellet boiler with an 800 litre buffer vessel to take care of all the heating and hot water requirements in the family home.

Several options were discussed for a potential boiler location and the garden offered plenty of space to create a new structure to house the boiler, buffer and pellet store and the homeowners expressed an interest in pursuing this route.

A purpose built boiler room shed was constructed in the garden with enough room to house the boiler, buffer and a bespoke pellet store that was designed and constructed to fit within the shed whilst maximising pellet storage space. The Storz hose connectors can be seen at the rear of the shed where fuel delivery hoses are connected and pellets are blown into the store.

The family now enjoy a seamless changeover from their old oil system but with the benefit of lower costing, carbon neutral fuel.

Buxted Home

RHI payment over 7 years: £20,566.00
Fuel saving over 7 years: £7,472.00

This rural 4 bedroom home is a typical example of a domestic installation of a pellet fuel boiler system. The pellet fuel acts as a direct replacement to oil and behaves in the same way, with fillings simply completed by the roadside through a blown delivery. The property owners, although living rurally, do not have a lifestyle suited to using log or chip so pellet is an ideal option. The heat load of this property is typical for a property of this size and period.

A Greener Alternative fitted a 22kw KWB Easyfire pellet boiler to provide hot water and heating to the main building. As you can see from the photos, the thermal store, pellet store and boiler are all located in different sites, which is a good solution to this particular heating system, but not entirely typical.

The boiler is housed in an outbuilding, 10 metres away from the property. The pellet store is a 3.5 tonne stand alone, which is hidden away behind the outbuilding. The thermal store is located in an outside cupboard attached to the property.

Historic Sussex House

Fuel savings over 20 years: £280,796
RHI payment over 20 years: £310,710

This historic house requires a significant heat load due to the period and size of the property, therefore the occupants were spending vast amounts on heating with oil. The owners wanted to switch to biomass to reduce their effect on the environment and cut their fuel bills. A pellet boiler was selected due to its automated capability and the owner wanted a direct replacement for an oil boiler.

Two 40 kW Froling P4 pellet boilers were selected to run as a modular system. There are two buffer tanks containing 1000L each. The pellet store is a 14 tonne custom built W trough. The pellets are fed into the day hopper via suction tubes and 3 pellet moles.

The boiler house supplies a small district system including the main house via an underground pipe and a separate cottage. The boiler house and pellet store are located in a small barn/ outbuilding.

Kingscote Vineyard

Fuel Saving over 20 years: £238,677
RHI Payment over 20 years: £264,101

Set in a rural location, the Kingscote Vineyard required a heat source which would provide constant heat to a period barn, which has a large heat load. Under floor heating was chosen for this beautiful 17th century barn, as it solved all aesthetic issues and provided a constant heat source even when the barn doors are open. Due to the large heat load a pellet boiler was chosen due to its high calorific heat source.

This project required A Greener Alternative to install a Froling 85kW pellet boiler into a small barn which would act as an energy centre and pellet store. The boiler would feed underfloor heating to the magnificent 17th century barn which had been relocated piece by piece to form the centre point for the vineyard.

Colchester Zoo

Fuel Saving over 20 years: £195,593
RHI Payment over 20 years: £621,415

Colchester zoo has a dedication to the environment and conservation, so it was an obvious choice to convert to using biomass, as it would solve both high fuel bills and create a carbon neutral heat solution. The premises is a large Victorian period building and required a significant heat load with an efficient calorific fuel source, therefore a pellet boiler was chosen for the project.

A Greener Alternative fitted a 200kW wood pellet boiler to provide hot water and heating to the main building. As you can see from the photo’s access was difficult, but not an impossible task with the use of a crane.

The boiler, hopper and buffer tanks are situated in a container unit turned energy centre. The installation also has a steel framed external 7 ton pellet store. The system is fully automated and pellets are blown delivered.